All of our services are available free of charge to ACM JHU members and any interested JHU-affiliated groups. If you are a Hopkins student who is not an ACM member, but are interested in using one or more of the services described below, feel free to contact us anyway.

Due to recent disasters, we are currently unable to offer the same services we have in the past. We are working on getting everything up and running soon!


Our services are student run, and as a result we cannot guarantee 100% reliability for any of the systems discussed below. That being said, we do our best, and we’ve done our best to engineer the systems with a certain amount of redundancy wherever possible.

(If you are a user of our systems and would like to help us make things more reliable, we are always looking for more volunteers to help maintain them).

Also, please note that it is your responsiblity to abide by JHU computer usage policies when using our systems.