JHU Programming Contest Teams

Here are the end results of the two local programming contests that we held.... Since three people placed in the...

This week's meeting canceled

This week's ACM meeting is canceled. Enjoy Halloween. :-)

Meeting: Contest discussion

For this week's meeting, we'll go over solutions to this last week's programming contest. We'll pass out copies of the...

Another Programming Contest!

For those of you who don't check your CS accounts or who don't have one, I'm forwarding announcement I had...

Programming Contest this Saturday!

Dr. Houlahan sent out my e-mail below to the CS department, but I'm forwarding it to the ACM Members list...

Meeting: Web Site Vulnerabilities

This week, I'll be doing a presentation on web site vulnerabilities, with a focus on common exploits and how to...

ACM Scheduled Maintenance

This Friday (8/4/02) from 4-7 PM, we will be performing routine maintenance on ACM systems, including Centaur and Sol. Any...

Meeting: 3D game programming in OpenGL

For this week's meeting, Nat will be running an intro into 3D game programming. No prior experience is necessary to...

This week's meeting

This week, we will be giving a short introduction to ACM systems and services. As this will be the third...

RSVPs req'd for movie night

Hello again to all,

ACM Movie Night: Tron

A special welcome to all the new people on the Members list!

Order Your Complimentary ACM Student Brochures Today! (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 15:40:32 -0400 From: acm-mem2 <acm-mem2 at HQ.ACM.ORG> To: SIGCSE.MEMBERS at ACM.ORG...

First Meeting

I hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable summer. Now it's time to get back to the real...

Movie: Room Change

Barton 117, not Barton 114.

Movie: Transformers

Today, at our final meeting of the semester, we'll be watching ``Transformers: The Movie'' and eating pizza. Join us in...

Meeting: System Administration

At tomorrow's meeting, we're going to do a presentation on System Administration, focusing on the care and maintenance of the...

Jobs: ITT

Reply to darian at

Election: Results (cont.)

Okay! Elections are all done:

Meeting: Election (cont.)

At tomorrow's meeting, we'll finish up the elections that we started last week. Here's the ballot:

Election Results

Vice Chair: Nat Duca Treasurer: Jason Gordon Sysadmin: Carlos Macasaet