This week's meeting: Dr. Smith & Elections

When: Thursday, 5 PM Where: Shaffer 302 What: 1) In addition to being our faculty advisor, Dr. Smith has recently...


We're coming to the end of the year and thus, it is time to pick a new set of officers...

Next ACM Meeting

This week we're cleaning the office! Anyone who comes gets first dibs on anything we're getting rid of. It's also...

Awesome ACM meeting!

Do you like debating with other tech-savvy people about tech-related things? Then come to our next meeting! We're going to...

Centaur: Be good and we'll be good to you

We do not have any official rules on the ACM machines. We want to keep it this way. However, with...

Next Thursday's Meeting

Michael Hilsdale is going to give a talk on website vulnerabilities.

next Thursday's meeting

For our next meeting, Michael Brotzman will be doing a talk on computer salvage and restoration.

movie is Galaxy Quest (with pizza! and soda!)

There will be pizza and soda!

when and where of next meeting

Notice that the time and place is a bit different from the usual:

ACM: vote for movie at next meeting

To celebrate spring break, the ACM is going to show a movie. Just send an email to matrix at

Next meeting: procmail (mail sorter/filter)

ACM's main server Centaur uses procmail to sort/filter your mail if you set up a file with your rules. Carlos...

this week's meeting: hardware!

This week, Michael Curtis will discuss low-level hardware and its physical implementation, starting with a transistor level and progressing up...

dynamic linking at next ACM meeting

Just to clarify, I'm going to talk about ways to make a program extensibe after compile-time:

dynamic linking at next ACM meeting

This week, Nat Duca is going to talk to us about dynamic linking. Dynamic linking is a way for programs...


This week someone's going to give a talk on Perl. And other shizzle.

Time of meeting

As usual, this week's meeting will be at 5 o'clock in Shaf 302 this Thursday.

ACM Assembly/Architecture Meeting

This Thursday we're going to do a talk on assembly (x86) and the architecture of modern CPUs.

Today's bonus: fun demo

At today's meeting, we'll also show a fun demo of a course project from last semester: a distributed train simulator....

Join JHU IEEE to the Udvar-Hazy Center

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Web scripting & security

This week, we're going to do a drizzle of short tutorials on web scripting. For new members who haven't set...