move meeting to 6 PM?

How many people would find it easier to make ACM meetings if they were at 6 PM?

end of reign of terror: SELinux disabled

By almost universal demand, SELinux has been disabled. This means you no longer have to deal with SELinux's crazy restrictions,...

This Week's Meeting

This week's meeting will be on how to use microcontrollers to aid with complex projects while still being quick and...

Meeting: Hardware Hacking

Ever want to web enable your toaster or coffee maker? Well, you can do that and more with some very...

Meeting: Practical Electronics Skills for Evil... or Good

Ever have a power supply or monitor die on you? Often times problems arise that a trip to Radio Shack...

Meeting: social software

At this meeting, Asheesh Laroia will be talking about "social software". That is, software like blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds...

Informal Meeting Tomorrow 5PM NEB319

Greetings and welcome back for another semester. We decided to have an informal meeting tomorrow to talk in general about...

Free Computer

If anybody wants a 1994 vintage Compaq 486sx i-Mac style all in one computer we are dumping one. Come to...

Movie night with pizza and soda!

Dr. Smith, the head of the CS department and the faculty advisor for the ACM will give a half hour...

Movie night with pizza and soda!

This Thursday we're watching Takedown (a.k.a. Hackers 2), the story of the capture of Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's...

how to vote

Oh, I forgot to say how to vote. Send your vote to kornbluh at

vote for movie

For our last meeting of the semester, you get to vote for the movie we'll show. The meeting will be...

[Fwd: Interviewing Opportunities at Careers 2005 for ACM Members]

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meeting: thursday

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Meeting: Robocup: Advances in Robotics through Robot Soccer

The meeting will be held in Shaffer 304 at 5PM this Thursday November 18th

Meeting: Macromedia Flash...Not just for Animation Anymore!

Why do I wear a jacket with a huge macromedia flash logo on the back? flash is the ultimate paradox....

Winners of Programming Contest

Congratulations to the following people, who will be going on to the regional programming contest on Saturday November 13:

IEEE Workshop Series

I meant to cc these groups the first time around but somehow forgot. So, here's the deal:

Donation of Embedded Java Programming Software

To anyone who may be interested:

Meeting: Fun with GUIs using Gtk

When: This Thursday October 28th, 2004 at 5:00PM Where: Shaffer 304