Lost and found from our last meeting

Hi world, At the Microsoft meeting, we found two vaguely important items that people might like back.

Friday 10/3 Come talk to Sun engineers! Get free pizza!

We're going to have a little informal, non-regular meeting tomorrow.

Microsoft is coming!

This week, the ACM is meeting up with our friends at Microsoft. Note the special meeting time of 5:30PM!

Reminder: Shutdown at 4 AM until 9!

Hi world, We're shutting down the ACM systems starting at around 4 AM until around 9.

Programming Contest and Free Pie!

Win a Song PS3! Eat free food! Test your programming skills, and represent JHU at the Regional ACM programming contest!...

This week: JavaScript and a Programming Contest

Are you curious as to how to program for the web? Do you want to make the next GMail? Just...

Iz beautyfull.

Meeting Location Change

Thanks to screw ups on high (read: the Registrar) the ACM meeting location has been moved to the ACM Office...

Free software install-fest!

This week's glorious ACM meeting will be our annual free software installfest. If you've ever wanted to try Linux, BSD,...

Admins, Contesters: To arms!

Rich forgot to mention that we finished 4th in last year's Mid-Atlantic, one spot away from a trip to the...

Admins, Contesters: To arms!

This week's meeting is going to be the Free Software Installfest, our semi-annual thing to install Linux-based distributions and any...

ATTN: Power Outage and system shutdowns on Thurs. morning, Sept. 25...

As Steve says, the ACM will also be required to bring down all of our systems during this time -...

Reminder: Free! BBQ! 5PM!

Just a reminder that the ACM BBQ (lovingly titled 0xDEADBEEF) will be starting at 5PM and ending when we run...

This week: Annual ACM BBQ: 0xDEADBEEF

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer.

Downtime on centaur this evening

Hi world, centaur will be having a brief flicker of service this evening, that we might try enabling the code...

Notice: possible service flickering

Hi world, We're switching over all of our IPs to a new subnet, as it's the Hip New Thing in...

...and a helicopter

So astrolabe has bad something-or-other, it's not entirely clear.


Astrolabe appears to have done Really Exciting Things.

Downtime tonight!

Hey world, Centaur will be having about an hour of downtime tonight, around 10 PM.

Webcam on eridani

Hey everyone, Please do not plug the webcam back into eridani. It's been upgraded to Hardy.