Rails Passenger...

...has been installed on centaur. If you want to deploy a rails app, have at it. See for more...

...and we're back.

No worries, and I'm sorry I went slightly past 11 - I found out something interesting about the problem with...

Reminder: Meeting at 5PM! In Shaffer 101!

Just a reminder that Venkatesh is going to be talking everything microprocessors at 5PM in Shaffer 101!

Fwd: Development of Computer Decision-aid for people with Chronic Kidney Disease

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Scott Smith <scott at> Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 9:25 AM Subject: Re:...

Soda went!

Someone just mentioned to me that they're buying soda from other people because we don't have any.

Hallway Policy

We have a formal policy about things in the hallway now.

ACM Meeting: How do microprocessors work?

Hope you had a great break! We're starting up our ACM meetings again with the first week of classes, so...


Courtesy of Cortland Setlow, the ACM now has a lOLPC for playing with.

Fwd: 2009 North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, Feb 4 at UMBC

Dr. Eisner just sent this out. I got super excited that we'd be able to participate in this, but alas,...

Google internships!

I work for Google, and being an intern is a ton of fun, so apply! Feel free to poke me...

Complaints addressed

Hear ye, hear ye.

Happy new beer!



So boys and girls, it's upgrade time again.

flicker flicker: MTU toying

Hi boys and girls,

BACM event tomorrow (Friday)

Greetings all. I know I've sent out a few announcements about this, but you guys should go take a trip...

Reminder: Super Mario Brothers at 5PM

Just a reminder to come watch Super Mario Brothers at 5PM! Food! Google stuff! Plumbers!

Baltimore ACM lecture on Voting Technology Dec. 12

Hope to see you all on Thursday for the the mean time, check this out!

ACM Movie Night: Super Mario Brothers

I think we can all agree that the Super Mario Brothers movie is _the_ best thing to come out of...

...and that's it.

I'm done, folks.

No meeting this week!

Go home. Enjoy Thanksgiving! Next meeting will be Thursday, December 4th.