Pie* and coffee for an early pi day

Hey all, Just a reminder that today's meeting is Scott Doerrie on Asterisk. Scott, in honor of Saturday's pi day,...

Hack Your Phone: Configuring Asterisk for Fun and Profit

Hey all, this week come play with VoIP! Learn how to configure Asterisk to reduce phone bills, build phone menus,...

Reminder: Sun is coming tomorrow

Just a reminder that Jonathan Adams is coming from Sun Microsystems to give a talk on ZFS. In cased you...

This week: ZFS: The Last Word in Filesystems

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Like a fart in an'd almost never notice. (maintenance done)

Well, /home is now backed by a giant freaking pile of disks.

Reminder: The Big Button Gets Pressed At 10

I'm sorry to keep spamming everyone, but I don't want there to be any questions about this.

Fwd: Google Summer of Code

More from that little startup I work for...

RPI Visits JHU + Grad School Opportunities

This looks like an awesome opportunity.

Reminder: Plan 9 meeting

Just a reminder that Wes and Venk are going to give an awesome talk tomorrow on Plan 9 and Inferno....

Google Native Client Security Contest (Cash $$$)

That small web search startup I work for is having a contest. Details follow:

Clarification: Upgrade is on SATURDAY

To be clear, because I've gotten four questions about this today.

This week: Plan 9!

This week's talk is going to be given by our illustrious members Wes and Venk. I'm pretty excited about it....

Baltimore ACM Chapter March 19 Panel Discussion on technology policy

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Emil Volcheck <volcheck at> Date: Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 8:05 PM Subject: Baltimore...

Pulling the plug: the Big /home Migration

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

Meeting: Homebrew on your game console for fun and profit!

This week, I'll be giving a meeting on running homebrew on your game console of choice - that is, how...

Scheduling server maintainence

In order to address the recent difficulties with NFS and storage, Manticore will be going up and down, starting at...

Dates are hard

Tragically, we've been given the runaround by Ultrazone, who told us when we showed up in person to call their...

ACM Meeting: Building basic AJAX web applications

Sorry this announcement is so late! This week, I'm going to go over making a basic web application. I'll be...

...and we're back. From outer space.

As you may have noticed, /home had a slight hiccup last night.

LOL CENTAUR IS HOT [downtime in an hour]

Hey world, Centaur is running really hot.