BACM Computer History in Maryland

As a followup, my car is now full. If anyone else wants to go, you'll have to talk amongst yourselves...

BACM Computer History in Maryland

Guys, this looks AWESOME. I'm going to be going. Who wants to join me?

Class Selection Meeting

600.351? Co-requisites? Pre-requisites? Major? Minor? Registration? Advising?

Blurble. Dont worry, its stored in a git repository.

To be clear, I (Matt Ziegelbaum aka ziegs) am giving the talk. Not Rich. Got a few questions about that....

ACM power on left side of room dead

Well, those of you in the office knew the guard on the outlet on the left side of the room...

Blurble. Dont worry, its stored in a git repository.

A past blurb once read,

Slight flakiness in manticore; resolution to come Friday night!

Well, ladies and germs, you may have noticed occasional burps in the ACM.

Meeting this week: Debugging using GDB, *grind, and others

This Thursday at 5:00 PM in Shaffer 303, Venkatesh Srinivas will demonstrate the hows and whys of debugging using GDB,...

Reminder: FOSS Meeting Today!

This is a friendly reminder that this week's ACM meeting is the free- and open-source-software install fest, at our usual...


Greetings to ye, denizens of the dork!

All hail the programming contest!

This Saturday is the ACM's annual local programming competition.

Meeting Cancelled Today 10/15, but BZFlag in office

We're cancelling our ACM meeting today due to technicalities on our side. Nevertheless, there will be a number of people...


If you've been to three meetings, you get an account. It's a rather neat thing, and once you see how...

Delicious Cake

The ACM Steam accounts now both own the Orange Box. For those of you who don't know, this means that...

DMC DIY Multi-Touch

The Digital Media Center is currently applying for a grant through the WSE Student Initiatives Fund in order to fund...


So, you've probably noticed the two new machines in the ACM.

Centaur reboot this weekend

Welp, there that goes.

Centaur reboot this weekend

This weekend, I'll be briefly rebooting centaur into a new kernel to fix an insidious bug that cropped up in...

Meeting this week: OMGWTFBBQ (YA RLY!)

Let's try this one last time, shall we?

Office Etiquette

The ACM officers have recently received some major complaints about the office and its occupants not being very good neighbors...