Howdy all,

The time has come for us to announce our first meeting of the year! In the
grand tradition of the ACM we're going to open the year off with a fun
social meeting, so this Thursday will be game night!  Come join us in *Malone
G35/37 *(directions below) this *Thursday at 6pm* (the 7th) to play a wide
variety of card/board/video games and meet your fellow CS students.  As
always there will be milk & cookies :)

*For those of you wondering what kind of mythical creature an ACM is*, put
simply, we're the computer science club! We have weekly meetings that range
from social meetings like this one to technical talks given by companies
that recruit on campus to talks given by professors about their research.
If you want to learn more come by our office, Malone G67, and say hi -- or
come to the meeting this week and play games with us!

Go down the stairs on the side of the building next to hackerman, take a
left out of the stairwell and follow the hallway down to the other end of
the floor.  Just before the stairwell on the other side of the building
you'll see a small sitting area, the room we'll be using is just beyond

See you there!
Sam Beckley
ACM Chair