Howdy all,

We're very pleased to announce this week's speaker, Charles Duyk.  Charles
was the Chair of our ACM Chapter from 2011-2012 (check our history if you
don't believe me <>) and is
coming back to give a talk.  His blurb is below.  The talk will be in
Malone G67 at 5 PM this Thursday.  There will be milk and cookies :)

“Hack the Planet”

There is no shortage of tools at the average programmer’s disposal. From
Silicon Valley titans to obscure GitHub pages, your fellow hackers have
built an enormous corpus of tools and services for you to use and build
upon. So what’s stopping you? In this talk, I’ll go over a few of the ways
you can use these tools to solve problems and answer questions in your
everyday life.

This talk is approachable to people of all backgrounds and experience
levels. There will be some technical discussion and code examples written
in Go. A passing familiarity with Go’s syntax ( and
HTTP will be helpful, but is not required.

*I repeat, the talk will be in Malone G67 at 5pm. Not Malone 228 at 6:30.*

See you there!
ACM Chair

If you don't get the reference in this meeting's title you should come to
the ACM's annual Valentine's Week screening of the romantic comedy Hackers
next year!