Howdy all,

This Thursday we're going to have the illustrious Mike Peven come give us a
talk about his experience deploying a machine learning system into the Real
World.  His blurb is below:

Mike has been working with Suchi and Yanif to build the backend system
(Yanif) to apply a septic shock predictive model (Suchi) in the Hopkins
Hospital system. There are a number of physicians who are currently beta
testers and at some point over the next couple weeks it will be deployed to
all physicians in the 5-hospital system. Mike also does Computer Vision
research with Dr Austin Reiter and will briefly talk about that.

If you've ever wondered how the magic of machine learning actually gets
used in the real world (besides just Amazon figuring out what to sell you)
this is going to be a fantastic talk! As always the meeting will be in
Malone 228 this Thursday at 6:30pm. There will be milk and cookies :)

See you there!
ACM Chair