Howdy all,

This weeks meetings will be officer elections. All ACM members are eligible
to vote & run, regardless of how long they've been a member.  Come run for
an office or come support your friends!  The meeting will, as always, be in
Malone 228 at 6:30.  There will be milk and cookies :)

My quick pitch on why being an officer is awesome:

You get to be involved in organizing a lot of activities in the CS
department and have a real voice in what does and doesn't happen.  If
you've ever thought "I really wish we had X or did Y" this is the platform
by which you can make that happen!  Its also a great chance to become more
involved with the CS department as a whole, putting you in contact with
lots of cool people - students and CS faculty/staff - that you otherwise
wouldn't ever meet.

We hope to see you there!
ACM Chair